Rethink comes at a crucial time–one in which companies must concentrate on the very few areas that truly add value to customers. As Merrifield explains, what companies can and should outsource has changed radically because their operations today are so rooted in software and so easily shared over the Internet.

Michael Treacy
Author, Double-Digit Growth


Companies today need to rethink their whole business model, and process thinking alone won’t get you there. In this book, Merrifield takes the art of business design to a science.

James Champy
Coauthor of Reengineering the Corporation
Author of INSPIRE!: Why Customers Come Back


Rethink admirably picks up the torch from the late Peter Drucker while at the same time presenting contemporary examples and methods that are practical and easy to understand. Read it and prosper!

Tren Griffin
Microsoft Technology Strategy and Policy team

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Interview with Ric: Escaping the “How Trap”

About Ric Merrifield

Ric Merrifield has spent over 20 years in various consulting roles helping organizations define and achieve their goals. After joining Microsoft, Merrifield spent more than 10,000 hours as Microsoft’s business scientist and has filed twelve patent applications all with the goal of helping companies rethink their operating models and get out of the “how” trap described in the pages of his book Rethink.

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